Adventures of the Adventurers

How the hell are two 3rd lvl characters supposed to take out a dragon?

While escorting Glasstaff to Neverwinter to transfer him into the custody to the Lord’s Alliance, the group is attacked by wolves on The High Road. Glasstaff tries to flee in the confusion but is easily recaptured.

The party hands over Glasstaff and receives their payment. Then spends some time in the local shops buying better gear before heading off to Thundertree to find Reidoth the Druid.

Entering Thundertree, they pass a wooden sign warning them to turn back now for danger of plant monsters and zombies. They soon encounter both but manage to survive with some injury. They spot a building that appears more intact than the others they have passed so far in the town. Getting closer they realize it has actually been fortified and conclude it must be where Reidtoh has made camp.

Reidoth heals the group and offers to lead them to the ruined castle that the Cragmaw clan has taken over. But first, he would like them look into a young green dragon that has made lair in a crumbling tower at the northern edge of town.

That doesn’t go well. And how would it, the Adventurers are only just 3rd level. Having been brought to near death in a matter of seconds by the dragon, they manage to scramble back to Reidoth for healing and to formulate a better plan of action.


jim_mayes jim_mayes

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