Adventures of the Adventurers

Lenny Hunting in Leilon

Arriving in Leilon, the Adventuers find The Crossing Inn packed full of Dragon Cultist and mercenaries who don’t seem to know the name Lenny. A small group of the cultist suggest the adventures look for their “friend” Lenny at The Other Inn, down the street.

Grabbing a beer at The Other Inn, a fidgety man strikes up a nervous conversation about the Lord’s Alliance. He asks “are there Lord’s Alliance in Phandalin?” Suggesting that would be much closer than Neverwinter, should somebody need their protection. Before he can say much more and large mercenary come to interrupt the conversation and return the man to a table in the corner where a group of mercenaries is seated.

The adventurers take a booth near the mercenary group and try to overhear their conversation. After a few drinks, one of the mercenaries gets up and escorts the nervous man to the bathroom. Stinkweed follows and pretending to be a drunk in need of a place to piss, forces his way past the mercenary. Once in the bathroom alone, the captive introduces himself as Osvius an agent on a mission for the Harpers.

Osvius has been traveling incognito with the trade caravans that move north along The High Road as have the mercenaries. The mercenaries have been hired to escort the Dragon Cultists and their cargo in the caravans. At the last stop, on the outskirts of the Mere of Dead Men and just south of Leilon, the mercenaries discovered that Osvius wasn’t who he was claiming to be. He’s been captive since. The mercenaries aren’t completely sure of Osvius’ true mission, but they aim to deliver him to people who will get to the bottom of it, in Neverwinter. Osvius asks for help escaping his captors so that he can report information he has gathered to the nearest Lord’s Alliance contingent, which happens to now be in Phandalin. Much closer than Neverwinter.

At that point the mercenary who had been escorting Osvius interrupts, now joined by a second mercenary. Osvius placates them and returns with the new mercenary back to the group. The other mercenary stays behind deciding to rough up Stinkweed thinking he’s just a disoriented drunk. He turns out to be pretty wrong about that, and end ups pretty dead too.

After quickly washing the blood off his armor, Stinkweed returns to Herbit to fill him in on the situation with Osvius. And then in walks Lenny and his partner, Sam.

The bar erupts into combat. Sam flees through the front door and Osvius in the chaos heads for the back. After putting down the mercenaries, the adventurers exit through the back as well and catch up with Osvius. The three make their way up the alley towards the stables that are across the street from The Crossing Inn, where earlier they saw all of the mercenaries and cultists in town stabling their horses. As they enter the back of the dimly lit barn, across the street they see the The Crossing Inn empty of mercenaries who run out, armed, towards The Other Inn.


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