Adventures of the Adventurers

That's how two 3rd lvl characters take out a dragon

Having had their asses handed to them the first go around, the Adventurers formulate a plan to deal with Thundertree’s dragon problem. After a rest to heal up, they head back to Neverwinter to buy the components to put the plan to action. A few axes, a cart and donkey, and way more flask oil than they probably real need.

Returning to Thundetree a few days later, the Adventurers fell two tall trees into the side of the tower to collapse it and block the dragon’s escape. Then flood the bottom of the tower with flask oil. Toss in a torch and let the rest sort itself out.

All this activity attracts the interest of a nearby Ash Zombie hoard who attacks the Adventures as they are caught up in congratulating themselves on a job well done. The hoard is put down swift enough. But as the last one drops, they notice a group of men dressed in dark black cloaks exit a building further to the south and begin to head toward them.

Looking to avoid this new threat, they cut through the wooded areas back to the secutiry of Reidoth’s stronghold. Watching the road through the boarded windows they see the group approaching. As the group of men advances they pass a ruined building are are ambushed by two giant spiders. The adventurers decide to help out as both a show of faith and of force to the group in black.

After the giant spiders are dealt with, the group introduces themselves as Dragon Cultists. They are in Thundertree waiting for the right conditions to approach the green dragon that is living in the north tower. They saw the tower on fire and were on their way to check it out unsure of if the dragon was in the tower at the time. Seeing the Adventurers fight the zombies and then flee, they thought they should investigate as they are expecting more members loyal to their cause to be arriving in Thundertree soon to provide additional support. The adventurers manage to convince the cultist that they are part of the group they are expecting, but that they need to gather their things first and will then rejoin them at the cultist’s camp.

Instead the Adventurers return to Reidoth and make plans to get out of Thundertree before the cultist catch on to the part they played in roasting the dragon.


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