Adventures of the Adventurers

The beginning

Ambushed by goblins on the way to Phadalin after finding Gundren and Sildar’s horses dead in the road.

Tracked the ambushers back to the Cragmaw hideout, a cave near by. Killing all of the goblins, they free Sildar and recover a lost shipment of goods stamped with the image of a blue lion.

They continue to Phandalin but have a strange encounter in the road with an Ogre chicken farmer

Arriving in Phandalin, the innkeeper of the Stonehill Inn, Tolbin Stonehill, recognizes the recovered supplies as belonging to the local Lionshield Coster. They return the lost shipment for a reward. On the walk back to the inn, the Adventurers are attacked, robbed and left for dead by four of the Redbrands.

Luckily Tolbin saw the attack and after the Red Brands leave the scene, he drags the Adventurers back to the Inn and puts them up in rooms to nurse them back to health. A few nights later, after regaining their strength, The Adventurers pay back the Red Brands by burning down their favorite drinking spot in town, the Sleeping Giant.

The Adventurer’s hear a rumor from Tolbin’s son, Pip. It seem that Qelline Alderleaf’s son, Carp, has been bragging that he found a secret tunnel in the woods by the family’s farm. And that the Redbrands ran him off from it. They head to Alderleaf farm to talk to Qelline about what her son saw. Little Carp’s dream is to be an adventurer when he grows up, so he happily agrees to show the Adventurers to the tunnel entrance the next day. After spending the night in the Alderleaf’s barn, Carp leads the way to a cavern entrance in the woods. Which turns out to be the secret entrance to the Red Brand hideout.

Adventuring ensues including

  • Meeting the Nothic
  • Freeing the Dendrar family
  • Dave the Redbrand lures the others to their death
  • Epic throw down vs. bugbears
  • Questioning Droop, the fainting goblin

The Adventurers eventually clear the hideout and capture Glasstaff as he tries to flee.

They then return to the Townmaster’s Hall to report the capture of Glasstaff to Sildar. Stinkweed intends to execute Glasstaff on the spot. But Sildar recognizes Glasstaff is actually Iarno Albrek, his lost friend and fellow Lord’s Alliance agent who’s disappearance is the reason that Sildar was traveling to to Phandalin in the first place. Sildar insists that Iarno be arrested and presented to the Lord’s Alliance to face the consequences of betraying the order.

Promissed reward and membership in the Lord’s Alliance, the adventurers agree to transport Iarno to Neverwinter. Plus Neverwinter is on the way to Thundertree, where they now hope to find Reidoth the Druid who may know the location of the Cragmaw tribe’s stronghold.


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