Adventures of the Adventurers

Lenny Hunting in Leilon

Arriving in Leilon, the Adventuers find The Crossing Inn packed full of Dragon Cultist and mercenaries who don’t seem to know the name Lenny. A small group of the cultist suggest the adventures look for their “friend” Lenny at The Other Inn, down the street.

Grabbing a beer at The Other Inn, a fidgety man strikes up a nervous conversation about the Lord’s Alliance. He asks “are there Lord’s Alliance in Phandalin?” Suggesting that would be much closer than Neverwinter, should somebody need their protection. Before he can say much more and large mercenary come to interrupt the conversation and return the man to a table in the corner where a group of mercenaries is seated.

The adventurers take a booth near the mercenary group and try to overhear their conversation. After a few drinks, one of the mercenaries gets up and escorts the nervous man to the bathroom. Stinkweed follows and pretending to be a drunk in need of a place to piss, forces his way past the mercenary. Once in the bathroom alone, the captive introduces himself as Osvius an agent on a mission for the Harpers.

Osvius has been traveling incognito with the trade caravans that move north along The High Road as have the mercenaries. The mercenaries have been hired to escort the Dragon Cultists and their cargo in the caravans. At the last stop, on the outskirts of the Mere of Dead Men and just south of Leilon, the mercenaries discovered that Osvius wasn’t who he was claiming to be. He’s been captive since. The mercenaries aren’t completely sure of Osvius’ true mission, but they aim to deliver him to people who will get to the bottom of it, in Neverwinter. Osvius asks for help escaping his captors so that he can report information he has gathered to the nearest Lord’s Alliance contingent, which happens to now be in Phandalin. Much closer than Neverwinter.

At that point the mercenary who had been escorting Osvius interrupts, now joined by a second mercenary. Osvius placates them and returns with the new mercenary back to the group. The other mercenary stays behind deciding to rough up Stinkweed thinking he’s just a disoriented drunk. He turns out to be pretty wrong about that, and end ups pretty dead too.

After quickly washing the blood off his armor, Stinkweed returns to Herbit to fill him in on the situation with Osvius. And then in walks Lenny and his partner, Sam.

The bar erupts into combat. Sam flees through the front door and Osvius in the chaos heads for the back. After putting down the mercenaries, the adventurers exit through the back as well and catch up with Osvius. The three make their way up the alley towards the stables that are across the street from The Crossing Inn, where earlier they saw all of the mercenaries and cultists in town stabling their horses. As they enter the back of the dimly lit barn, across the street they see the The Crossing Inn empty of mercenaries who run out, armed, towards The Other Inn.

The Hidden Frog Tavern & Inn
Return to Neverwinter

The adventurers slip out of Thundertree with Reidoth the druid. Not far outside of town they encounter a caravan heading towards Thundertree. The carvan consists of heavily weighed down cart and a carriage, both manned by Dragon Cultists who are now in the company of some pretty burly mercenaries. The adventures try to get some information out of the group about what they are transporting and why, but decide not to push too hard when the mercenaries dismount and start to point weapons. As the carriage rolls past, they spot a masked Cultist peering out from behind the window curtain at them.

Arriving back in Neverwinter, Reidoth leaves the Adventures at The Hidden Frog Tavern & Inn while he reports back to his contacts within the Emerald Enclave. He plans to rejoin the Adventurers at the Hidden Frog the next morning.

Grabbing a drink at the Inn’s tavern, the Adventurers overhear conversation between Lenny and Sam, two patrons discussing some shady dealings.

S: But Lenny, this just doesn’t seem right. Something feels off about all of this. We’ve been with the others guys all the way up from daggerford. And now, this wizard comes into the mix and we’re all splitting up. None of this made sense to start with. These dragon guys aren’t even our people.

L: (interrupting): hey look, I know man. But this wyrm talker thing is a big deal for the network. We gotta keep close to something like this. You know our saying, “we’re friends, until we ain’t”

S: But the wizard wasn’t part of this. That’s a lot of heat. And this chic, man, I’ve heard about her too

L: Don’t be such a damn coward. We can handle ourselves. And plus, she’s expecting four guys she’s never met. She won’t expect a thing, and we’ve already got those two fooled too. We’ll have the jump on them. It’ll be over before they even realize. Then we just gotta get back down to Leilon and lay low for a day or two. Anybody looking for these guys thinks they’re heading east to Triboar, nobody’s going to think to look south when something happens to them. That’s all the time we need. It won’t be long before the next caravan with some of our guys in it comes thru Leilon. You know that

S: And that’s the other thing, heading back south after coming all this way North

L: Ah, that ain’t nothing. That’s not why you don’t want to go back there

S (interrupting): You know how I felt about that place. With the Marsh right there. Kids disappearing and those fucking creepy drums all night. Fuck Leilon.

At that, Lenny notices Stinkweed eavesdropping and things get tense for a bit. But Lenny and Sam eventually return to their table where there are two other men with them.

After giving everyone time to put down a few more drinks, the Adventurers approach the group to make peace. Lenny introduces the two men they haven’t yet encountered as Joquil and Vamor. And then introduces himself and his partner as Dellam and Maram. A detail that stinkweed picks up on. The group is drunk, and Joquil and Vamor are talkative, more than Lenny likes. He keeps cutting off their answers to to questions the Adventurers ask of the group. But not before they say that they are in Neverwinter to meet up with Dellam and Maram for the first time. And that the group is then heading south to meet up with famous adventure Veradda Stoor where the Triboar Trail meets the High Road. The four have been hired to assist her on a mission but have not met her previously either.

Reidoth returns to meet the Adventures the next morning. He reports that the day before, a group of armed men dressed in dark cloths overran the Lord’s Alliance’s Neverwinter outpost where Glasstaff was being held, and freed him. Checking with the Inn Keeper, the group of men from the night before, including Lenny, have already left the Inn.

The Adventurers head to the outpost for more details on the escape operation. One of the attackers was killed and the Lord’s Alliance still has the body. While inspecting the body, a flying snake slithers out from under the shirt sleeve and flies off.

The Adventurers ride south on The High Road towards Leilon hoping to catch up with Lenny. Where The High Road meets the Triboard Trail they spot a makeshift campsite where a wagon sits abandoned. Coming closer they discover the recently murdered bodies of Joquil, Vamor and woman who they assume is Veradda Stoor. Next to Veradda’s body lies her personal journal with the last 5 pages ripped out. The journal seems to chronicle information about her exploration and adventures. Tucked away in her bag they find a number of scrolls that seem to be some of the same material as in the journal. However, there are five scroll pages dated after the date of last remaining page in her journal.

Quickly scouting the area, Herbit locates the fresh tracks of two horses continuing south in the direction of Leilon that appear to be only 3 to 4 hours old. The Adventurers mount up and ride south hoping to catch up with Lenny in Leilon.

That's how two 3rd lvl characters take out a dragon

Having had their asses handed to them the first go around, the Adventurers formulate a plan to deal with Thundertree’s dragon problem. After a rest to heal up, they head back to Neverwinter to buy the components to put the plan to action. A few axes, a cart and donkey, and way more flask oil than they probably real need.

Returning to Thundetree a few days later, the Adventurers fell two tall trees into the side of the tower to collapse it and block the dragon’s escape. Then flood the bottom of the tower with flask oil. Toss in a torch and let the rest sort itself out.

All this activity attracts the interest of a nearby Ash Zombie hoard who attacks the Adventures as they are caught up in congratulating themselves on a job well done. The hoard is put down swift enough. But as the last one drops, they notice a group of men dressed in dark black cloaks exit a building further to the south and begin to head toward them.

Looking to avoid this new threat, they cut through the wooded areas back to the secutiry of Reidoth’s stronghold. Watching the road through the boarded windows they see the group approaching. As the group of men advances they pass a ruined building are are ambushed by two giant spiders. The adventurers decide to help out as both a show of faith and of force to the group in black.

After the giant spiders are dealt with, the group introduces themselves as Dragon Cultists. They are in Thundertree waiting for the right conditions to approach the green dragon that is living in the north tower. They saw the tower on fire and were on their way to check it out unsure of if the dragon was in the tower at the time. Seeing the Adventurers fight the zombies and then flee, they thought they should investigate as they are expecting more members loyal to their cause to be arriving in Thundertree soon to provide additional support. The adventurers manage to convince the cultist that they are part of the group they are expecting, but that they need to gather their things first and will then rejoin them at the cultist’s camp.

Instead the Adventurers return to Reidoth and make plans to get out of Thundertree before the cultist catch on to the part they played in roasting the dragon.

How the hell are two 3rd lvl characters supposed to take out a dragon?

While escorting Glasstaff to Neverwinter to transfer him into the custody to the Lord’s Alliance, the group is attacked by wolves on The High Road. Glasstaff tries to flee in the confusion but is easily recaptured.

The party hands over Glasstaff and receives their payment. Then spends some time in the local shops buying better gear before heading off to Thundertree to find Reidoth the Druid.

Entering Thundertree, they pass a wooden sign warning them to turn back now for danger of plant monsters and zombies. They soon encounter both but manage to survive with some injury. They spot a building that appears more intact than the others they have passed so far in the town. Getting closer they realize it has actually been fortified and conclude it must be where Reidtoh has made camp.

Reidoth heals the group and offers to lead them to the ruined castle that the Cragmaw clan has taken over. But first, he would like them look into a young green dragon that has made lair in a crumbling tower at the northern edge of town.

That doesn’t go well. And how would it, the Adventurers are only just 3rd level. Having been brought to near death in a matter of seconds by the dragon, they manage to scramble back to Reidoth for healing and to formulate a better plan of action.

The beginning

Ambushed by goblins on the way to Phadalin after finding Gundren and Sildar’s horses dead in the road.

Tracked the ambushers back to the Cragmaw hideout, a cave near by. Killing all of the goblins, they free Sildar and recover a lost shipment of goods stamped with the image of a blue lion.

They continue to Phandalin but have a strange encounter in the road with an Ogre chicken farmer

Arriving in Phandalin, the innkeeper of the Stonehill Inn, Tolbin Stonehill, recognizes the recovered supplies as belonging to the local Lionshield Coster. They return the lost shipment for a reward. On the walk back to the inn, the Adventurers are attacked, robbed and left for dead by four of the Redbrands.

Luckily Tolbin saw the attack and after the Red Brands leave the scene, he drags the Adventurers back to the Inn and puts them up in rooms to nurse them back to health. A few nights later, after regaining their strength, The Adventurers pay back the Red Brands by burning down their favorite drinking spot in town, the Sleeping Giant.

The Adventurer’s hear a rumor from Tolbin’s son, Pip. It seem that Qelline Alderleaf’s son, Carp, has been bragging that he found a secret tunnel in the woods by the family’s farm. And that the Redbrands ran him off from it. They head to Alderleaf farm to talk to Qelline about what her son saw. Little Carp’s dream is to be an adventurer when he grows up, so he happily agrees to show the Adventurers to the tunnel entrance the next day. After spending the night in the Alderleaf’s barn, Carp leads the way to a cavern entrance in the woods. Which turns out to be the secret entrance to the Red Brand hideout.

Adventuring ensues including

  • Meeting the Nothic
  • Freeing the Dendrar family
  • Dave the Redbrand lures the others to their death
  • Epic throw down vs. bugbears
  • Questioning Droop, the fainting goblin

The Adventurers eventually clear the hideout and capture Glasstaff as he tries to flee.

They then return to the Townmaster’s Hall to report the capture of Glasstaff to Sildar. Stinkweed intends to execute Glasstaff on the spot. But Sildar recognizes Glasstaff is actually Iarno Albrek, his lost friend and fellow Lord’s Alliance agent who’s disappearance is the reason that Sildar was traveling to to Phandalin in the first place. Sildar insists that Iarno be arrested and presented to the Lord’s Alliance to face the consequences of betraying the order.

Promissed reward and membership in the Lord’s Alliance, the adventurers agree to transport Iarno to Neverwinter. Plus Neverwinter is on the way to Thundertree, where they now hope to find Reidoth the Druid who may know the location of the Cragmaw tribe’s stronghold.


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